We’re back!

Yeah, the website is back!

For readers of Tales of Demons and Gods roughly 4-5 years ago, you would know that I have a WordPress myself to post the chapters.

But after I got invited by Ren, who is now the man behind Wuxiaworld, the website actually got abandoned since there wasn’t a need for me to use it anymore. Furthermore, I was soon called up for mandatory/conscripted military service for my country, which, in my case, I was posted to the Singapore Police Force.

So why did I want to have a website again?

I figured that I needed a place to rant and share my stories about my life and journey as a translator. It was something that etvolare been doing on her site, and I really like the idea of it!

In the past, the website was Thyaeriatranslations.com, but I’ve changed it to Thyaeria.com because this website will no longer be used to post any chapters, but purely for my rant. You can say that I’m going to use it as a blog!

So why all of a sudden?

Readers that followed me since 4-5 years ago would know that I often share episodes of my life on this website, and this factor disappeared when I joined Wuxiaworld. Mainly because I was so busy as a Police Officer and translating. So now that I’ve got my life sorted out, I figured that I needed a place to rant my bullshit and reconnect with my readers!