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Thyaeria was born in Malaysia, raised in Singapore by parents of both countries. The handle first came about when thyaeria got tired of having names that were often used by other people around the world. Hence, thyaeria went to an RPG name generator and got a name, which was finalized to ‘Thyaeria’ after some editing. Despite the initially meaning that thyaeria used in this handle meant The Area, it was often interpreted by Thigh Area by the community. 😂

Like any first world country around the globe, Singapore was a competitive country when it comes to education. Despite the tough competition, thyaeria found comfort in Chinese Wuxia Dramas, which was first introduced to him by his parents.

English the ‘unofficial’ official language in Singapore as it was often being used as it was a country that resides people of various races and religions. But like any other Asian country that didn’t have English as their first language or mother tongue, thyaeria’s command of English was half-baked. To make things worse, his mother tongue (Chinese) was similarly atrocious, to the point that he could converse in Mandarin, but writing and reading was another matter.

As a geek, thyaeria also found comfort in Anime, Manga, and Lightnovels. But during one venture into light novels, thyaeria was exposed to Korean novels. Although thyaeria often read lightnovels, but only occasionally due to the lack of imagination. But the first Korean novel that thyaeria read, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, thyaeria fell in love with novels.

Months later, the novel community started introducing Chinese novels, such as Coiling Dragon and Martial God Asura. For once, thyaeria felt that he might be able to give back to the community after being a leecher for a long time. Thus… thyaeria started his journey in translation…

Through this journey, thyaeria noticed a drastic improvement in his command in both English and Chinese. He regained his ability to read Chinese. But still, thyaeria still wasn’t satisfied with those improvements as he didn’t feel that he had reached the pinnacle of Translation Dao yet…


Contact Thyaeria at thyaeriatranslations@gmail.com | Twitter | Discord: thyaeria#0756