The COVID-19: Where has humanity gone?

I believe by now, everyone knows about the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Over the past month, many incidents took place, and I’m really pissed. So, I’ve decided to rant about it here.

It all started before Singapore announced that we’re raising the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) to orange, which you can read about it here.

“I am more critical of Singaporeans than of the Government. Many of our people don’t give a damn for the environment when they should. Many of our people are selfish and unkind. Just look at the way they drive,” – Professor Tommy Koh

I think by now, we all know that Asia is running out of masks, and I’m really disappointed to see people trying to take advantage of this crisis to earn a fortune by jacking up the masks!

I understand that there’s a low supply of masks, and I find it reasonable if it’s priced higher than the original amount. But here we are, people jacking up the prices to at least 10 times the price before Singapore issued a warning to several online platforms and even retailers against profiteering.

Next, people hoarding supplies! Singapore has yet to go into an emergency state, but people are all behaving like they’re shooting a zombie apocalypse movie. They started hoarding supplies from supermarkets around Singapore, and I’ve even seen a picture of a granny buying a whole trolley of instant noodles!


I can understand if they’re worried and want to get some stockpile on food, but they didn’t even spare items like condoms and toilet rolls! Please enlighten me on how is that going to help you prevent the virus? Are you going to wrap yourself in toilet rolls like a mummy and a condom over your head when you go out?

This matter isn’t that big of a deal except for unnecessary alarm? Well, I thought so as well until someone starts selling them online! $20 for a single toilet roll!

I mean, I can understand if you’re trying to stockpile on masks, soaps, and other hygiene items, but are things like toilet rolls really that necessary? Are they afraid of not having any paper to wipe their bums when they do their business in the toilet? But that brings up one question, what kind of bums do they have to buy a full trolley of toilet rolls!

Moreover, people are also hoarding disinfectant wipes! What the hell can you clean with a tiny little small wipe? Diabetic patients need them!

“A first world country with third world citizens.” – Professor Tommy Koh

But those aren’t the real reason for my frustration, and the actual cause is because of discrimination!

We have people discriminating against health workers openly. Yes, health workers.

I’ve seen news here and there that people are discriminating against health workers, treating them as walking viruses!

They’re fighting on the frontline, putting their lives at stake to save lives, and yet, people are discriminating against them for it.

There was also an incident where emails among students from a certain university in Singapore being spread around, blaming and discriminating against students from China.

I asked myself this question, “They’re definitely one of the most educated bunch in Singapore, and some of them might be the country’s future leaders or even the educator of my child. Am I really going to leave my child to them?”

I’m a Singaporean, and I’m utterly disappointed by these black sheep. I thought that as a first world country, we should be better than this.

Other than all the anger and frustration, it’s also comforting to know that aside from black sheep, we also have people acting as a citizen from a first world country by showing kindness to others.

It put a smile on my face when I read an article of a family buying meals and going around the hospital to give them to the health workers along with some supportive notes.

Finally, this is just me ranting out my frustration, and it’s not directed at any particular individual. But if you’re someone profiteering from the virus or someone who discriminates against our brave health workers and finds this post offensive, too bad for you.

One thought on “The COVID-19: Where has humanity gone?

  1. they already found out how they used the condom. Apparently they used the condom on one finger to press button on lift. But i think it would be more make sense if they just have gloves on hand but guess pretty much that item also got hoarded fast.


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