Review on Drama: The Great Ruler

So let’s speak about the live adaptation of novels by far, which most of them have been a disappointment. There might be a few good ones, but there are only extremely few of them.

As you guys know, I’m the translator behind the novel, The Great Ruler, and truth be told, I was really excited to be seeing a live adaptation of the novel that I’ve been translating for the past 3-4 years.

Then again, the excitement didn’t last long after I saw the trailer of the drama. From the trailer itself, I can tell that everything is in a mess, the storyline, and the characters. Practically everything about this drama is wrong.

If you’ve read the novel and watched the drama, you would know that the storyline is in a mess. It doesn’t follow the storyline of the novel at all, and instead, it has an entirely different story that has no link to the actual novel.

Out of all the live adaptations so far, the dramas followed the storyline to a certain extent.

But for TGR’s drama, I wouldn’t call it a live adaptation of the novel. Instead, It’s a cheap click bait to get more attention. It felt like marvel promising you an avenger movie for it to be turned into a justice league movie instead.

But then again, I don’t want to go too hasty into my rants, so I gave the drama a try.

The conclusion: This drama is just a cheap knockoff of the novel and a clickbait to get more attention. But if you don’t think of it as a live adaptation, but as an original drama, the drama does have some potential.

You can tell from the effort they put into the background, costume, and CGI. So if you erase the fact that this is a drama of the novel itself, the drama has pretty good potential.

So, everything about this drama is good except the storyline, and someone needs to fire the person behind the script. It just makes me wonder if anyone in the production team has read the novel.

I’ll be honest, I like the adorable interaction between ‘Mu Chen’ and ‘Luo Li’ in the drama, and I try to convince myself to treat this as another drama that just coincidentally shares some of the character’s names.

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