Back to Camp Life!

Yeah… thyaeria had diarrhea.

Sorry for the long hiatus! I was swamped watching a drama(should I post a drama review?) and got food poisoning thereafter.

It’s kinda tough writing these journey stuff as there are a lot of things to consider.

So back to the story! So we were all dropped off my our families before the camp, and all of us were queuing back to enter the camp. Heh, queuing to have our freedom taken away from us again, and you ain’t got a choice.

Well, all of us were pretty much resigned to it at this point.

So, the main reason why he had to queue to enter because we’re not allowed to bring in any prohibited items. [Camera phones, earpiece, snacks, cigarettes, alcohol, etc…]

PS: We’re not even allowed to bring phone chargers into the camp. So we have to live with one entire phone’s battery life for the entire week.

Why camera phones? Well, they ‘claimed’ that there are sensitive facilities in the camp that cannot be revealed to the outside world. I mean, it’s a police training camp and not a secretive army facility. I’ve not seen anything sensitive that may affect the interest of the nation/police force. Camera phones are even allowed in army camps(70% positive)! Well, they’re the boss, and they can set whatever rules they want.

Then again, we definitely have those clowns that tried to challenge the rules.

So, returning to our bunks after two days, all of us were still basking in the excitement of the outside world! We were busy chatting with what we did for the past two days.

Finally, when it’s 9 p.m., we were all gathered as we head for supper.

I think I did mention the ceremony that we had to do every morning and night, right? Water Parade?

So we had the water parade after our supper, which all of us were hammered again. They just had to break our beautiful holiday-mood and slammed us with hard, cold reality.

giphy (1)

But then again, I have to admit that all of us became slack with our discipline after enjoying two days of freedom outside.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a long one, and we were soon allowed to return to our bunks to shower and sleep.

I was fit!

The keyword here: was

My life in the camp was probably the fittest moment in my life. So what training did we go through? We practically had three sessions of training a day! Not your average gyming session, but it’s more like tactical training with the clear objective of draining every ounce of energy out of your body and make you fit by hook or by crook!

– Water Parade
– Physical Training
– Breakfast
– Rest
– Bunk Inspection
– Physical Training
– Rest
– Dinner
– Rest
– Physical Training
– Rest
– Supper
– Water Parade

Rests are about 1 hour each, to make sure that we’ve digested our food to begin our training and to cool down for us to have our meal.

I have to say that it was a boring life. Here’s a brief schedule of our life for the first two months…

We were unfit, and we had to be made fit. I mean, there’s a reason why I called myself a fat panda, right?

Just imagine our life for the next 2 months going through physical training, physical training, and more physical training…

It was boring, and at the same time, horrible. The training would increase gradually, so they’re not giving you any time for your muscles to get used to the training schedule. Just imagine the muscle soreness…

At this moment, I was wondering if I could become Saitama from One Punch Man after the entire training…

I know… these are all boring stuff. You guys want the juicy stories, right?! Stay tuned for the next post!

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