First week out of camp

Usually, new enlistees are required to stay in the camp for 2 weeks. But thank god! We only had to stay in the camp for 1 week since it was a public holiday on the weekend. So that means that we get to leave the camp!

man in maroon tank top

Constantly marching for a week was brainwashing, and I really mean it.

Whenever we walk, we could hear someone muttering, “Left, right, left, right…” in our minds…

At that point, marching was engraved deep into our bones.

We finally waited till the day that we regain our first 48 hours of freedom. At the same time, we also experienced our first bunk inspection.

So for bunk inspection, we must clean every nook and cranny. There must not be a speck of dust found anywhere in the room. Be it the roof, behind your cabinet, or anywhere!

It goes without saying that we failed. We failed terribly because we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t know that we had to clean the roof of the door, outside the window, and every secretive location.

Naturally, we were punished for our very first bunk inspection. I can’t exactly remember what we did, but I remember that it was horrible. At the same time, our commander let us off easy as it was our very first inspection.

When we marched out of the camp, all of us were excited. When everyone left the camp and saw our families waiting for us outside, our emotions were in turmoil.

baby child close up crying

Some of us cried when we saw our families. Imagine how much hammering we went through the week for a grown man to cry.

We weren’t tortured, but we underwent intense training. Most of us never trained so hard in our entire life, but we were practically squeezed out of our last energy in our bodies.

Every single muscle in our body were practically screaming in pain. There wasn’t a single part of our bodies that isn’t sore.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

When we stepped our feet out of the camp, we noticed that we had taken our freedom for granted. We only knew how precious it was when we lost it.

Seeing my father waiting for me outside the camp, it felt like we’ve been apart for years. The moment I stepped out of the camp, I realized that I’ve taken things for granted.

Guess how I spent my first night of freedom? Yeah, drinking. xD I got myself dead drunk with a dreadful hangover the next day.

PS: I was so brainwashed that I marched everywhere I go… Imagine going into a club marching…

But happy times passed in a blink of an eye, and it was time for me to return to the camp…

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