Questions about TDG!

As I’ve received quite a bit of question with regards to Tales of Demons and Gods, I figured I should make a post here about it.

What’s with the 1 chapter/month release rate for TDG?

The author only releases 1 chapter/month, which I will try to get it translated and edited within the next 12 hours.

So what’s wrong with the author?

I really have no idea about this matter. Around two years ago, the author starting having irregular releases, claiming problems like his grandfather is hospitalized, his daughter’s sick, etc… How many of those are real? Well, I have no way to verify.

The author just suddenly went MIA and only releasing 1 chapter/month.

For the past 2 years of 1 chapter/day releases, the author provided no explanation for the reason for it.

What are the chances of the release rate increasing?

At this point, I’m not optimistic about it. Although the author did say that he wants to wait for the manga to catch up with the novel before he resumes his release rate, I’m not exactly optimistic about it as the author had a history of breaking his promises.

While the author went MIA, from all social media, etc… he took on a new handle and started a new novel, which got soon exposed when he had a typo on the protagonist’s name.

A little bit of background history here, I heard that the author had done this in the past. I’m not exactly sure which novel was it, but it occurred once. But the author still managed to complete the entire novel, so I’m sure that the TDG will be completed. As for the timeline, I have no idea…

Have you tried contacting the author?

In fact, I did. I started out leaving messages on the author’s social media, which escalated to some light-spamming but to no avail…

So what do you plan to do with TDG?

Nothing. We’re all at the mercy of the author, and I just hope that I can finish translating TDG someday…

5 thoughts on “Questions about TDG!

  1. sincerely thank you….its annoying beyond belief that ludicrous release of 1 per month from the author….but its appreciated that you are still going strong and helping us hopefully read till the bitter end of the novel


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